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Private RV lots and Park Models for rent or sale across the nation!     

Advertise Your Property    RV Lots For Sale         RV Lots For Rent        Park Models For Sale       Park Models For Rent      Campground Memberships For Sale    Campgrounds For Sale       RVs For Sale

   ... to RV Property Classified, the first web site
to feature private RV lots For Sale or Rent.

Sell or Rent your RV Property, RV Lots, Park Models, RVs and Campgrounds Online! Campground Memberships for sale too. Find Dealers and Campgrounds and RV Jobs too.
This website consists of ads from private RV enthusiasts and Commercial Businesses. RV Property has enjoyed over 50,000 hits per month

RV Property is in the top three on many of the most popular search engines using the keywords . . . "RV Lots", "RV Lots For Sale", "RV Lots For Rent", "Park Models For Rent",
"Campgrounds For Sale", " Park Models For Sale", "RVs Park Workers" , "RVs for Handicapped"
and "Park Model Dealers by states". See our latest rankings

NOTE: As is the case with all real estate and financing at the present time it is difficult to move property. Be aware of this fact and you will understand why the market is slow.
However if you want buyers, renters and speculators to know that you have property for sale or rent there is no better price or place to advertise it than on www.rvproperty.com  RV Property enjoys approximately 1500 to 2000 visits per day.

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Webmaster's Favorite Campgrounds (When I have traveled across the country I stayed at many campgrounds.
Here are my FAVORITE RV PARKS!!!

Destin, FL
We have 7 lots for rent!
Call 817-637-2453 email biggeasy@charter.net

For details please
go to RENT A LOT

Find helpful experts who specialize in RV insurance.
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PO BOX 568
Richfield Oh 44286

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RV Property works!  See below.

Comments from advertisers.... 

Dear RV Property,

Your site was fantastic in response level, 21 inquiries. The RV sold on the 4th day after posting, WHAT RESULTS!!! Thank you for having such a
wonderful site that allowed us to sell our RV quickly. If I am looking to purchase or sell an RV in the future I will use your site and recommend it to others.     
Best Regards, Mike

"Thanks, the ad worked the first day it was on your web site!" Bart

I want to thank you for featuring one of my web sites on your opening page for the sale of RV lots. www.rv-realestate.com has been very successful and
is enjoying more and more traffic as time goes by.  We see a few referrals from you on most days. I use Urchin to provide operating feed back  and "stats",
so we have no unresolved referrals and you are clearly there ....  Best of luck,

SOLD!!!!! Thanks for all of your help. I will use you again for sure. Jeff

The Lake Lot is SOLD I got approximately 30 inquiries from the RV ad. Your website does get a lot of attention. Got full price offer. Peter

"Gentlemen- many thanks for the help- but- my lot is sold- please remove me from your web site as I still get hits- a great credit to your site-
 Good Luck on your site, It certainly helped me- 
Thanks- Hugh"

"Thank you so much for all the very insightful information on RVing. We are at that stage in life where we are so torn between making that break from
home ownership and yet it is so hard to let go. Your website has helped both my husband and I immensely in trying to make plans for our immediate future.
Now, we need to SELL OUR HOUSE AND STUFF!!!
Keep up the great work....nothing better on the web that I could find.
Best regards from Alaska!"
Julie and Joe

Good Morning,
To my surprise my phone rang today in regards to my ad that is on your site. I didn't think the ad would be uploaded until maybe late this week as
I mailed your payment on Fri. I wanted to e-mail you and thank you for your quick response time on the upload.
Have a great day,
Tim, Seaview ,WA

Our lot near Branson (MO)  sold.  Your site worked very well for us and we are grateful for your help. 
Please remove our listing next time you update.   Thanks, Frank

Thanks to your website I have sold my campground membership. I have had lots of inquiries - some really interested - some just seeking information,
but it certainly proved worthwhile. -  Thanks again. Carlene

"We received about one call per day and we sold our campground membership in less than two months." Barbara

Looks GREAT!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Don't know how I didn't find you before, I've been trying to find a place to advertise this for
a year now and it is LATER THAN I THINK!!  We need to make a move in Mid-July.  God Bless and I'll keep in touch.  Dena

Thank you very much, for allowing me to use your site for selling our membership.  I had a contact in about a week of placing the ad, and sold it to them. 
Very nice and simple,  Thanks again,  Tammi B.

Dear RV Property,
Your site was fantastic in response level, 21 inquiries. The RV sold on the 4th day after posting, WHAT RESULTS!!! Thank you for having such a
wonderful site that allowed us to sell our RV quickly. If I am looking to purchase or sell an RV in the future I will use your site and recommend it to others.
Best Regards, Mike

Hi, Sold RV. Many responses from your website. Thanks, Fred

Hi Warren:
Thanks so very much, I just wanted to say: Mark it sold!
We listed our Handicapped Accessible RV on August 18 and sold it August 24. We could have sold to three others for sure with more calls last night. 
We had it listed on two other-sell-by-owner sites twice-to the tune of $100. plus each time-and it didn't sell. We had so many people wanting to see 
our Motorhome from states all over the US. The couple we sold it to reside in Utah and was the first one to respond asking for more info and pictures.
He's making arrangements to fly in Labor Day weekend for the pick-up.  
For the four of us, I can safely say THANKS for your website and your dedication to the handicapped. We could no longer use our dream. 
And by listing for $$$ less and their fast response, made their dream to own a handicapped Motorhome come true. It could not have been done 
this quickly anyplace but RV Property.
Thanks again. John and Linda C.

I received more inquiries from your Web Site than from the other 5 Services I bought an Ad from in total, Jim

Dear Webmaster,
Thanks for putting our RV ad up so fast...we already got a request for more info after only one day!!
You do a great service for families with members who have disabilities, but love to RV...!!
Ken and Tamie

Dear Warren, We are getting great responses. I think it will be sold in 30 days.  Judy

Hello, I had success in selling my RV.  Your website is great.  I had a huge response.  Thanks, Maureen

Thank you so much for listing it for us. We had another inquiry today - after we had sold it. Again, thanks Blessings, Elam and Miriam

Hi there, I am so grateful for your site and what it allowed me to do in selling my Motor Home. I received so many more e-mails than any other ad site.
Thank you very much for your help. Since the Motor Home is sold, please note that it is sold on your site as I am still getting calls.I hope many more
people find and use your site.  You are doing the handicapped community a great service.
Thank you again, Joe

A complimentary note from Sandy.
I found this web site this morning by mistake…. What a WONDERFUL FIND! After going through it I just wanted to say thank-you for making my DAY!
I have sent it to several other people already and plan on sending it to lots of others! This is a great website! Sandyp

JW - Thank you for posting the sound clip of "enjoy yourself".  We were at a gathering and someone told the story of encountering a woman in her
80s in a row boat on a pond in Vermont rowing along loudly singing a song with the refrain "enjoy yourself, it's later than you think."
We thought it was a great sentiment, and were glad to have been able to find it on the internet and surprised to see it was a song that was a hit before
we were all born.

On the light side, listen to our theme song, you'll enjoy it.....  Enjoy yourself! It's later than you think.

- A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour -

Please see our Advertising Rates.

Featured Subjects on this website . . .

Private RV Lots

and small Owner-Associated RV Parks are becoming more commonplace across the USA. This website is designed to help the RVer find RV lots that they might want to sell, buy, rent or lease. We bring sellers and buyers together and link up RV lot owners and renters through classified advertising.

Sell your RV Lot on RV Property             Rent your RV Lot on RV Property

The RV Park Model

A good alternative to RVing after your traveling days are over.
Park Models offer more room than many condos and apartments and you can drive right up to the door and enjoy your garden too. The Park Model or Park Home is more like a conventional house than a recreational vehicle. Just find a place where you want to be.  

Sell your Park Model on RV Property        Rent your Park Model on RV Property

Campground Memberships
that owners no longer need can be a bargain. Buy a campground membership from an individual and save. Campground memberships can cost thousands and sometimes they can be a bargain for as little as a transfer fee.

Sell your Campground Membership
on RV Property
Campground Ownership
is intriguing to some who wish to enjoy the great outdoors and still make a living while raising a family and serving the friendly RV public. RV Property advertises campgrounds for sale. It is definitely a full-time job, but comes with many rewards.
Owner who wish to sell go to Sell your Campground on RV Property
Enjoy Working at a Campground

Earn your keep and enjoy the service and comradely of campground living. Find campground work on RV property. Go to
Campground Workers
Campground Owners find Campground Workers
RVs For Sale, Handicap accessible RV's For Sale
by owner at a reduced rate. RV Property is ranked high on the world wide web when it comes to RV Lots and Memberships. Our many visitors might be interested in a RV for their RV lot. For a one-time fee you can put your RV here.
Sell your RV for only $49 which also includes 100 words. Ad remains until sold. Add pictures at $5 each.


The "Enjoy Yourself RV Style" section features the subjects of Campgrounds, Campground Worker Ads, RV Tours, RV Caravans and
RV Turtle Topics featuring hobbies like photography, computing, hiking, pets and many more interests.

 Enjoy RV Caravans - Find a group of friendly folks to travel and enjoy. Let them take care of the details and security.

 Enjoy RV Turtle Topics - A few articles to answer questions about the RV lifestyle and spark your interest.

 Enjoy Campgrounds - We have links to other sites where you can find the campground of your choice, private, State or National Park Service.

Free RV Information Listings - We offer an information ad for certain RV clients at no cost. These information only ads are a service to our visitors in hope that they will
bookmark our site and use it as a resource.

The clients are Campgrounds and RV Dealers.  

You can find Hotlinks to many sites that we hope will be valuable. If you are looking for a campground, a church, the Post Office or a veterinarian.... we have links to help you locate
them. Some listings are free to our customers as a service to our visitors.  Some of these links are located in the left border, above.

See how you can travel across the USA and not touch your pension. Click Here!

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